Research plan: Survey


1. What is your Age?

2. What is your gender?

3 Do you have any children younger than 18 years at home?

4 Have you ever had *bed bugs before?

5. Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home?

6. Do you live in a house or apartment?

7. If yes, while looking and comparing different companies’ prices, would you be interested in paying a small fee to make sure that there are bedbugs present before investing hundreds of dollars in pest control?

8. Would it be more important to you to keep everything about the bed bugs and maybe the treatment descrete than paying less?

9. Would you consider to pay about $200 for an inspection by the **bed bug dog at your home.

10. Are you familiar with the things that can happen to you and your family if you had bed bugs?

11. Aside from knowing that all bed bugs have been eliminated, would you like to learn about how to prevent them in the future?

12. Would you be interested in taking a class about the causes, prevention and treatment for bedbugs? (Even if it costs something)

13. When comparing “bed bug dogs” and coming to a conclusion as to which to hire for preliminary inspection, would you consider choosing a local, personable and friendly co-owned company over a large corporation?

14. Are you familiar with the method of using trained dogs for bed bug inspection?

15. Do you use the Internet?

16. Do you have a smartphone which is able to access to the internet?

17. Do you think the first homepage that google finds over “bed bug elimination” is the one you should trust?

18. How often to you browse the web on your smartphone?

19. Does representation on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter make you more likely to use a company?

*bed bugs:

– are bugs that feed on blood
– create allergic reaction
– need bloodmeal to survive
– could be anywhere anytime
– survive 1 year
– have apple seed size

bed bugs can give you:

– skin rashes

– psychological effects

– allergic symptoms

** The “Bed Bug Dog” is a beagle named Marley. She is able to sniff out the bed bugs that you may have at your home. She is professionally trained and get checked on frequently.

questions comprised of Y/N questions as well as short answers. These will be compiled in


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we are students at The Ohio State University taking a design class together.

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