Business NameBu…

  • Business Name

Business name: We propose that the business name would be short and more memorable. Something like FourPaws, or FP for short is easy to remember and notice. Recognition vs. recall is important to note that seeing something like FP will automatically generate a “four paws” recollection. Such as FB=facebook. Four paws bed bug detection is great too, long but still good. 

  • Web site tagline

Website tagline: We propose for the tagline to simply be “K9 Bed Bug Detection.” If the business name is “four Paws” and the tagline is “K9 bed bug detection,” then it keeps it simple and clean yet straightforward. 

  • Logo


  • URL/domain name

  • Email

We propose that one email linking to both of them is fine.

  • Facebook name

We propose NO FACEBOOK.

  • Twitter handler

no twitter!

  • YouTube, Linkedin, any other




About bugsbegone

we are students at The Ohio State University taking a design class together.

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