Field Trip Response

Each group should post a response about something you learned at the field trip that relates to this class or your project


On the field trip we learned a lot about teamwork as well as the importance of interviews. I think one of the biggest things that stood out to us was the various types of research and set up involved to be able to provide the best outcome.  I think that in our research for the best way to cater to four paws is 1. time and 2. different approaches of research to be able to develop a valid and useful outcome.

I think the projects that the team at chase receive and the amount of time allotted to them really make an impact on what the outcome is. I think that the large variety of people they talk to, over seas and here, really give a better idea of  how to cater not only to a certain type of persona, but multiple personas. 

The difference that they are doing is using all of these different people and creating personas, whereas the group of people we have surrounding us is mostly students. I think we need to reach outside of our student body and see other reactions to the website, the needs, and the reactions and education that people have regarding the issue of bed bugs. 


About bugsbegone

we are students at The Ohio State University taking a design class together.

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